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Open throughout the year!

Welcome to Lunkaberg

B E D   &   B R E A K F A S T


In an attractive and genuine farm setting you can enjoy sun, sea and refreshing breezes and the beautiful countryside of Skåne, Sweden's southernmost county.

The farmhouse with its inner courtyard, typical of this region, allows privacy for residents but also possibilities to make contact with people or animals, if desired. The farm's high elevation above the nearby coastal village of Skillinge offers, to the south, superb views of the Baltic sea and the island of Bornholm and to the north, scenic views of farms and villages. The wide view makes it possible to follow the course of the sun from when it rises over the sea north of the coastal village of Brantevik to when it sets by Vallby church, which is close to the ancient fortress Glimmingehus.

Stroll around our garden or simply sit and enjoy the surroundings in one of the many outdoor seating spots.

Just listen to the peace and quiet and enjoy the fragrances of apple blossom, elderflower, guilder rose, rape and roses and more, depending on season.

There is a sauna in one of the annexes heated with wood in the old-fashion manner. It is possible to enjoy views of farms, fields and the sea also from the sauna. Close by there is a lovely pool placed discreetly in the garden and yet allowing a magnificent view.

It is also possible to walk around admiring a variety of roses or look in on the vineyard and the kitchen garden. Our breakfast offers a variety of products from our garden or the region. 

Utsikt mott nord-öst
Swimmingpool och bastu
Her bor hönarne
Skiltet ved vägen
Bag gården
Utsikt mott öst


B E D   &   B R E A K F A S T



We offer both Bed & Breakfast arrangements, which involve a room with a bathroom and breakfast, but also self-catering flats  consisting of two or three bedrooms, a living-room, a bathroom and a kitchen. At Lunkaberg Bed & Breakfast there are a total of 19 beds.


It is possible to bring your dog/cat at an extra charge of SEK 100 kr. Your pet is your responsibility in relation to other animals and humans and that is is not too loud. If not, we may have to ask you to leave, see also cancellation policy: liable to pay.

How to find us:


Drive from Skillinge towards Gislöv. Lunkaberg is just before Gislöv on the left hand side. There is a sign at the roadside.


Pharmacy: Skillinge 3 km

Embankment : Simrishamn 8 km

Shopping: Skillinge 3 km

Tavern: Karnelund, Gislöv 800 m

Skillinge Hamnkrog 3 km

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